Marketing Tip - Go Behind the Scenes

What do you do each day that could be interesting viewing for your patients and perfect for your social media pages? 

Increased Engagement: If all your current social media posts are about podiatry and podiatry problems, and you're getting very little engagement with your patients and followers, try changing it up a little and show them what happens behind the scenes, and if LIKES, shares and engagement doesn't improve you can always stop. 

Team Involvement: So, what do you do that's exciting?

You should ask this question at your next team meeting and get everyone to contribute at least one idea. 

Every team member would do something that could be video worthy, and to help get you started, here are a few I've thought of:

  • Cleaning, bagging and sterilising instruments 
  • Putting together a nail surgery pack
  • Adding covers to orthotics
  • Various orthotic adjustments 
  • Hand-making a met dome 
  • Unpacking stock when it arrives
  • Doing maintenance of equipment
  • If you have a coffee machine, show them how you make the perfect cup of coffee. 

Video Quality: With behind the scenes videos, you're not trying to win an Academy Award, so don't stress over trying to make the lighting and sound perfect; it's not necessary. 

Video Time: Try and make your videos snackable and easy to consume. Keep them under 60-seconds. You'll find most will be much shorter. 

Occasionally you can make a longer video that goes for a few minutes but start with interesting short videos first. Once you earn the trust of your audience, then you can throw in a longer video.

Get Inspiration: I'm sure you've seen other businesses on social media use similar behind the scenes type videos; use these as inspiration for your own. 

So, the next time you find yourself performing a mundane, boring task, ask yourself the question, is this video worthy? If it is, hand your phone to someone immediately and ask them to start filming. 

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