Wowing Your Patients by Giving Them More Than They Expected

It doesn't matter how many movies or how many people tell you about their holiday in Las Vegas, you will never truly understand how amazing the place is until you go there yourself.

I've been to Las Vegas three times. The first time was with my wife and eight-year-old daughter.

The next time I went was with a group of friends, my brother and my son for his 21st birthday and the third time was for a podiatry conference. 

Learn by Watching

There was a different purpose for each of my visits, and of course, I did different activities, but the common thread between all visits was the WOW factor.

Las Vegas knows how to WOW it's visitors, and I think you can learn a lot by watching how other businesses connect and engage with their clientele. 

Every hotel, restaurant and bar gave us far more than we expected and they did this because they wanted us coming back and wanted us to tell our friends. And, I'm even writing about it in a blog. 

What Do They Want? 

I know Las Vegas is not everyone's cup of tea because people think it's all about drinking and gambling. Gambling is not really my thing either; however, I did enjoy the complimentary drinks at the casino and the shows, and other attractions were amazing. 

People are motivated differently, and yes, some people love to gamble, so they cater to this, while others want good food, great shows and cheap drinks. 

Have you thought about what your patients want? 

All You Need To Do Is Ask Them 

If you consistently run on time with your patients, would that be a huge WOW factor for them? Running on time costs you nothing, all it takes is for you to organise your diary properly. 

When I was running my podiatry business, I remember telling my GP that I would pay at least $25 more per visit if he ran on time because time was crucial. 

You can easily survey your patients and ask simple questions about their wants and needs. 

If you don't want to ask direct questions about your business, you could ask indirect questions about other businesses in your area.  

  1. When dealing with any business, what annoys you the most?
  2. Who are your three favourite businesses in town, and why? 
  3. Who is your least favourite business in town, and why? 

Wowing Our Patients

With every patient interaction, you have the perfect opportunity to WOW them, just like Las Vegas, by giving them a little more than they expected. 

This may seem obvious, but greeting every patient with a SMILE is always a great way to begin any relationship, yet I've walked into healthcare businesses and been met with a grunt.

I've been told to talk a seat without the receptionist even making eye-contact with me because they were too busy shuffling paper on the desk. 

Asking every patient when they arrive if they would like a glass of water takes minimal effort. To take it one step further you could have a glass-doored fridge with bottled water in your reception and all the receptionist has to do is point out it is available. 


Wowing patients should be an integral part of your business, and you should set time aside with your team to brainstorm this concept. 

Ask the question: What can we do that will cost us no additional time or money to WOW our patients or make them feel like they are getting more than expected?

The Idea of the Week 

You could even incentivise this concept by giving out a $50 gift card to the team member that comes up with the best monthly idea. 

The gift card is tax-deductible, and it will be an awesome investment for your business. Imagine paying $600 per year for 12 new ideas on how to WOW your patients and give them more than expected. Priceless!

Under-Promise & Over-Deliver 

If you want to annoy your patients fast, one of the best ways to do this is to over-promise and under-deliver. 

Never tell a patient you will have something ready for them when you know the time-frame is impossible to meet. You may look good when you say it but will look foolish when you cannot complete the task on time, and it looks bad for the business. 

Recent graduates can fall into this trap due to inexperience, and they have not yet mastered time management. 

The Solution is to under-promise and over-deliver. Give yourself far more time to get the task done and then WOW the patient by completing it early. 

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