Marketing Judge, Jury & Executioner

Marketing, it's in your control and most podiatrists think to get more new patients you need to constantly develop new marketing ideas, however, this is not true.

At my podiatry marketing workshops, both online and in-person, I like to explain why having too many marketing ideas can actually slow your podiatry business growth and actually reduce new patient numbers. 

I know this goes against everything you may have previously read about marketing. Even though having numerous marketing ideas is good and taking action is even better, knowing which ones to kill it off is the real key. 

Learn From Nature

Natural selection laws are a perfect example of how every podiatry business owner should be thinking about and approaching their marketing ideas.

In nature, a tree will produce tens of thousands of nuts each year, but very few will survive and grow into a mature tree. In reality, there will be years when none survived; however, there will be other years when many survive, only to be killed off later by pests, drought and fire. 

Over Production Is the Key

In nature, there is always an overproduction of everything, (seeds, nuts, spores, eggs, etc.) and when a species overproduces, it’s their way of guaranteeing their survival into the future.

Of course, a tree, turtle or salmon does not consciously decide to overproduce, it just happens naturally, and then the forces of nature and natural selection laws sort out the rest.

As a podiatry business owner, it’s important to do the same. You need to overproduce marketing ideas and then identify the under-performers and kill them off as fast as possible. 

Don't Fall In Love

Nature will not do this for you; you have to make the conscious decision and do it yourself. You need to be the judge, jury and executioner of your marketing ideas. It would be best to have Key Performance Indicators in place to qualify over and under-performing marketing ideas.

Never fall in love with one of your ideas either because it makes it much harder to kill later. It would be best if you kept emotion out of your marketing decision making. 

A good marketing idea at the wrong time is still a bad marketing idea.

Dropping the Axe 

If you've put a lot of time and money into a marketing idea it can be difficult to kill it off, but dropping the axe sooner, rather than later, will move you faster to the next idea, and the next idea could be the one you've been looking for.

It could be the one marketing idea that transforms your podiatry business. 

At my Podiatry Marketing Workshops, I like to dig deep into this concept of killing ideas off quickly because it's the fastest way to grow a podiatry business. 

The Business Environment Shifts 

In nature, the environment can suddenly shift. Some plants die because they cannot cope with the change, while others adapt and thrive.

In business, the environment is constantly changing as well, and if you do not adapt your marketing ideas to these changes, your business will also die, or at least be stunted for some time. 

You Need to Evolve 

If how you market your podiatry business does not evolve, your competitors will eventually catch up, copy you and then overrun you. I have seen this repeatedly happen over the past 30+ years, and I expect it to continue. 

Remember a lot of your marketing ideas will not work, and the quicker you can determine what needs to be killed off, the better. 

If you're not interested in my Podiatry Marketing Workshops, that's fine because it's not for everyone, but at least find another marketing event that does interest you because you cannot be stationary, you need to keep evolving.  

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