Patients Unsubscribing From Your Newsletter Is Good For Business

I'm a huge fan of email newsletters because I think it's one of the cheapest and best ways to stay in touch with your patients and quickly communicate an important message about your business. 

Unsubscribing Is A Positive

Every week I like to send out my newsletter to my database, and nothing excites me more than seeing people unsubscribe. 

People on my database unsubscribing excites me because when I first started my speaking and coaching business, my market was quite broad, but as time went on, I became more focused on my ideal clients, which were podiatrists. 

Every person that unsubscribes is telling me that they are not interested in my podiatry marketing and business information, or if they are a podiatrist they are letting me know we are a good fit, and that's great. 

Two Marketing Rules

When you market your podiatry business, you should always be trying to 1) attract or 2) repel people, and as long as you're not rude or offensive, this is a good thing. 

Your goal is to relay your message (product or service) and let the market decide if you're a good fit.  

The video will explain the rest. 

If you have any questions after watching this video, please send me an email at email/tf)(

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