Start Planning Now For 2021

I doubt many podiatry businesses have reached their goals for the first half of 2020 but knowing this does not mean that 2021 cannot be an exceptional year. 

Covid-19 has hit the world for six, and depending on which country you live in, podiatry was affected in different ways. The UK and New Zealand were shut down completely, whereas Australian podiatry businesses we were allowed to stay open and trade. Still, most fell well below their normal levels of patient activity and revenue. 

"The decisions you make today will determine where you are this time next year". 

Where To From Here

You currently have three choices at your disposal, and only you can decide which is best for you. 

You Can Take Take No Action: And wallow in your misery and say the world is unfair and it's all a government conspiracy. 

You Can Take Some Action: And then wait and see what happens and see how things play out. 

You Can Take Massive Action: And make decisive decisions and plans on where you want you and your business to be in 2021.  

Now I know for some podiatrists uncertainty can be paralysing, but there are some things we do know for sure.

Right now it's June 2020, and we know for sure in twelve months it will be June 2021, but here's the big question, will you be the same person?

Focus On What You Can Control

There's no point spending mental energy and focus on what the government is doing and the decisions they are making; instead, you need to focus on what is in your total control. 

And your daily actions is one of those things you can control.

1. What do you read?

2. What do you watch?

3. What do you listen to?

4. And who do you associate with?

These four inputs are all in your control, and these all have a direct effect on your mindset and attitude.

You cannot keep reading the newspaper, watching the news, listening to the radio and hanging with doomsayers on a daily basis and expect good things to happen for you.  

It's Your Choice

Now is the perfect time to upskill, improve your knowledge, connect with people on a deeper level and get shit done. 

One podiatrist told me they were going to learn how to start a podcast, another was renovating their clinic, and others are improving their marketing and business skills. 

2021 Is Just Around The Corner

In just over six months it will be 2021 and your actions today will play a big part in whether you're celebrating or commiserating the start of a new year.

I made a decision as soon as Covid-19 took hold and we were forced into social distancing and lockdowns, that I was going to come out the other side more skilled and a better person and so far I'm pleased with my progress. 

It's Not Too Late

If you feel you've left it too's never too late to start. It all starts with making a decision and taking action. 

Sign up for that next online course or event, register for the upcoming webinar and consider one-on-one business coaching or group coaching program

2021 may be the best year you've ever had, but it will all depend on what you do right now in 2020. 

If you have any questions after reading this blog, please email me at email/tf)( or call me directly on 0408 671 966. 

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