YouTube & Baby Boomers - It's A Marketing Opportunity

My mother is 75 years old this year, and in the past 12-months, she has started to use her smartphone a lot. She has also disconnected her home phone line and now only uses her mobile for all phone calls. This is the sort of thing you'd hear millennials do, not having a landline and only using mobile, but not anymore and my mother is proof. 

And this is not the only change taking place. Baby Boomers, those people born between the early to mid-1940s to mid-1960s, who grew up having to watch television at set hours every week, are also big fans and consumers of video content on YouTube. 

A recent article published by Brittney Ackerman (Video Marketer @ Google), titled 3 Unexpected Reasons Baby Boomers Are Turning To YouTube, got me thinking about how podiatrists, dentists, other health professionals and all service-based small business owners should be taking advantage of this. 

Stop Thinking Old-School

In the above Google article, it said that 51% of consumer spending came from people over 50 years of age, yet many marketers target their online marketing and message to millennials, forgetting that there is a huge market over 50 that are becoming very tech savvy and are looking for information, education and entertainment. 

You need to stop thinking old-school marketing is the only way to connect with Baby Boomers, which is not saying old-school marketing will not work, but before deciding which direction your marketing should go, think about the type of patients/clients and customers you want to attract to your business. 

Strategy always comes before tactics. 

3 Reasons

The three reasons Baby Boomers are using YouTube so much is:

  1. SAVES TIME - Baby Boomers grew up having to watch TV shows at a set time each week, with commercials, and if they missed it, bad luck, they'd have to try and catch up next week. Now they can watch old TV shows when they want, without commercials and also shorter, snackable videos that spark their interest. 
  2. EDUCATION - If they need help with something or want to learn something new they can easily search for the answer, and not have to call their children or grandchildren to explain. 
  3. ENTERTAINMENT & NEWS - It's easy to stay plugged into what's happening in the world. 

How Can You Use Youtube & Tap Into The Baby Boomers? 

Think about the services you currently offer in your business and the questions you're asked by your Baby Boomer patients/clients and customers. You'll probably find the same issues are coming up over and over again.

If this is true, then there are hundreds, if not thousands of Baby Boomers searching online for the same answers, so creating short videos on Youtube answering those common questions could be a goldmine for your business. 

I shot a short 1.15-minute video four years ago, titled Taping For Heel Pain, and it's had over twenty thousand views, which is excellent considering I sold my business in 2016. I know the sound wasn't perfect and if I was reshooting it today I'm sure I'd make a few changes, but it continues to attract viewers. 

"Done is better than Perfect."

Behind The Scenes

There are probably a lot of things you do on a day-to-day basis in your business that seems boring to you, but to Baby Boomers, it could be fascinating. Start shooting videos and show people what happens behind the scenes.

Show them how you use, clean or service a particular piece of equipment. Pull it apart and explain the components. 

You may think if someone in Canada watches your informative, educational or instructional video it has no value to you if you live in Sydney, but it does. The more views your video receives worldwide, the more chance you have of it popping up in local searches as well, which is where your Baby Boomers live. 

Their Health Is Important 

As Baby Boomers age, staying healthy and mobile is very important, and they are prepared to spend money to have both.

So, if they have questions going on in their head about being healthier and staying more mobile, you need to be providing the answers, and YouTube videos are a perfect way to do this. 

Start asking your Baby Boomer patients/clients and customers questions about their viewing habits. Do an Internal Survey and ask them if they watch YouTube and pay attention to the feedback you receive. 

If you're not comfortable being in front of a video camera there are other ways of creating video content that can still be beneficial for your business. Please send me an email at email/tf)( if you want to know a few alternatives to standing in front of the camera. 

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