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Better Before Bigger

I was listening to the Savvy Dentist podcast with Dr. Jesse Green and his guest Brad Beer, a Physiotherapist on the Gold Coast, mentioned something that really struck a chord with me, Better Before Bigger.

I think this message really resonated with me because it was a concept I truly believed in. You need to be better before you try to be bigger.

We All Mistakes

Years ago I tried doing it the other way around, I was fiercely trying to build my business as big as I could, and as fast as I could, and was not really paying too much attention to the mess I was leaving around me. In my mind I was thinking, I can always go back and fix up the mess at a later date.

Long term I think it took me much longer to build my business because I was so ineffective in my day-to-day activities and this was reflected in both my short and long-term business plans and marketing activities. Inefficiency does have a compound effect. You can turn a blind eye to your inefficiencies for a while, but eventually they do sneak up on you.

Don’t Wait For Perfection

Now this doesn’t mean you have to wait until everything is perfect, or until you have all your ducks lined up before you make a move, begin a project, or begin to expand your business, it simply means making sure you go back and fix up glaring problems as they arise.

Don’t think problems will disappear by themselves if you just keep building the business. It simply does not work.

If your front office team cannot answer the phone correctly, or handle a simple enquiry effectively, this is a massive problem. Not only does it need to be addressed and fixed, you need to put systems in place to make sure it is maintained and does not become a compounding problem.

If there is multiple flaws in your systems, being bigger will not fix them, once again it will only compound them. Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up.

Ego Driven

Becoming bigger, without giving any consideration to becoming better is a very egotistical way to grow a business.

Every profession and industry has the big player, or players and some make it all the way to the top and some don’t, but those that do make it usually have a very well run organisation and they did this by having really strong business foundations from which they grew upon.

So if you’re thinking of expanding and growing your business to multiple locations, just make sure you focus on being better before being bigger

If you have any questions about this article or you feel a short period of mentoring could be beneficial in helping you refine your current business systems please email me email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com. 

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