$3.50 For A Bottle Of Water

Is $3.50 too much to pay for a bottle of water, especially when it’s free from any tap and tastes about the same? How can a convenience store justify this price? Is it a ripoff, and should we refuse to pay these ridiculous prices?

I was discussing this exact topic with my wife and as she was nodding her head and agreeing with me, I suddenly changed my tune and began to defend the cost of the bottled water. 

I began explaining how much effort went into getting clean, fresh, safe, convenient, cool bottled water into the hands of the consumer.  Someone had to retrieve that water and transport it from its original location to the factory, before it could be placed into a convenient shaped bottle and have a label applied to it, with a full water analysis. It then had to be transported a second time, from the factory to the local convenience store. 

When it arrived, staff had to unpack it and then place it neatly into a fridge where it could be chilled, making it more pleasant to drink. The fridge runs on electricity, which is paid by the business owner and the business owner also pays wages, rent and other business expenses to keep the business open, so the consumer can conveniently buy a bottle of water. 

So when you look at it…$3.50 for a bottle of water is an absolute bargain, especially when you consider everything that’s involved with getting it from the natural spring into the consumer’s hands, and my wife agreed. “Never looked at it that way”, she said. 

However, some people will still complain and say $3.50 is a ripoff, even when all the facts have been laid out for them. They will ignore the facts and will justify their ignorance. We all face this type of consumer and this is something every business owner needs to be aware of. 

A small percentage of people will always complain about your fees, and if this is not happening, you're probably too cheap.

They're usually the same people who will also hit you up for a discount. If you believe your fees are justified and you provide good value, then you should never lower your fees for anyone, even if it means losing them as a client, patient, or customer. To be honest, you’re probably better off without them. 

If you said to the store owner, "I want a discount on your water, you're charging too much", he or she would tell you to go thirsty. You should do the same, let them go thirsty and don't let them drink from your fountain of knowledge.

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