Is Your Mastermind Group Serving You

Often mastermind groups start with the best intentions, the bringing together of collective-minds for a specific purpose and goal, however, over time the group degrades and becomes more social, and the original plans of the mastermind group are lost.

What Were You Hoping To Achieve? 

When you first joined your mastermind group, what were you hoping to achieve?

Most people will go into a mastermind group with definite intentions, and that's to lift their game because when left alone, without accountability, they can become complacent, however, when familiarity occurs within your mastermind group the same complacency can occur, resulting in little growth.

If this has happened to you and it's a free mastermind group, that's okay, as long as you're all on the same page, but if this is a paid mastermind group, it's not good enough, and it may be time to leave and find another group.

Are Friendships Costing You Money?

If you're paying money every month to be part of a mastermind group, and there's little business growth, then you're wasting your money. I've had people tell me that they stay part of a particular mastermind group because of the friendships they've made, and this is the only reason they stay.

Honestly, if your friendships are real, and you leave your mastermind group, your friendships will remain, and you may find some of your friends may follow you, because they may have been staying for the same reason.

Maybe it's time to find a new group and more friends? 

Group Dynamics

I've seen people join paid mastermind groups and the group dynamics are entirely wrong. The owners of the company behind the mastermind group are simply throwing people together to make up numbers.

Placing a business person with 15-years of experience, performing at a high level, into a mastermind group with another business person unsure if they need a business card, does not make sense.

For a Mastermind Group to be useful, everyone within the group should have a similar level of business acumen, or at least qualified in a particular way to be part of the group.

Your Best Interests

If you are in a paid mastermind group, you have to be very careful that the owners of the company organising the mastermind group have your best interests in mind, and not theirs.

Find A New Mastermind Group

Please don't think that I'm against mastermind groups; in fact, it's the exact opposite.

I think they're a business necessity, but they must be serving you and pushing your business in a positive direction, and if not, you need to find another group.

Business Coaching

Some podiatrists do not want to be part of a mastermind group, and if that's you, I get it but don't rule out getting assistance in other ways.

Have you considered having a business coach? Business Coaching is a great way to receive one-on-one guidance and accountability, and I have been helping podiatrists do this for the past few years, but as I always say, I'm not for everyone. 

If you want to take your podiatry business to the next level, you need to connect with other podiatrists, whether it's part of a mastermind group, business coaching or merely reaching out to your podiatry friends regularly to chew the fat and share ideas. 

Podiatry Business Owners Club

I've set up a group on Facebook called the Podiatry Business Owners Club. If you're a business owner or aspire to be a podiatry business owner in the future, I would consider joining the group. All you need to do is answer three simple questions.  

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