What's The Difference Between A Mentor And A Coach

Business Mentoring and Business Coaching are terms often used interchangeably, because both mentoring and coaching help business owners achieve more, yet they are quite different as I will explain. 

Business Coaching

Business Coaching is more about helping the business owner with skill acquisition. A Business Coach focuses on developing particular skills, to help the business owner achieve short, medium, and long-term business and personal goals, and it is very much performance based.

For example, if your business does not have systems in place, then a business coach can help you acquire and develop this skill in many areas of your business. In the majority of cases though, a Business Coach may have little to no knowledge of your actual profession, which can be a limitation in some circumstances.

If you need a better 'orthotic' delivery system or a more free-flowing system for delivering treatment processes, then this could be a problem for a Business Coach, who lacks knowledge in the area of podiatry and has never treated a patient. However, even without specific knowledge on podiatry, a good Business Coach is still a valuable asset to your business. 

Business Mentoring 

A Business Mentor, however, is a person that has particular business skills, and professional expertise, with a certain level of experience, who is prepared to share what they have learnt with others of the same profession. Therefore business mentoring is about transferring knowledge from a more experienced person to a lesser-experienced person. 

This is why, as a Business Mentor in podiatry, I have a lot to offer other podiatrists in both business knowledge, and it's application to establishing and running a successful podiatry business, whereas a Business Coach cannot offer this specific knowledge. 

In simple terms, a Mentor is someone you learn from, whereas a Coach is someone you learn with, and therefore a Mentor can be a Business Coach, but a Business Coach cannot be a Mentor unless they share the same profession. 

You Can Be Both A Mentor & Coach

As I've mentioned I mentor other Podiatrists, but I also work with Dentists, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. When I work with other health professionals, I refer to myself as a business coach. 

Yes, You Can Outgrow Your Mentor & Coach

Over the years I have had numerous Business Coaches & Mentors. Some have been excellent, while others not so good.

Unfortunately, as my business knowledge grew, there's didn't, and I outgrew them and moved on. So don't think that once you have a Mentor or a Coach that you're stuck with them forever because things change, people change and circumstances change, and change is good. 

If you feel working with a mentor or coach could be beneficial or you could use some business guidance in the areas of 'systems and marketing', check out my MENTORING page.  

Otherwise feel free to send me an email at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com

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