Keep Your Marketing Strategy And Salesperson Separate.

If all your marketing advice and education comes from the same person selling you advertising you've got the be careful. Consider using a third party to help create a marketing strategy for your business and then find the salespeople to fulfil your advertising needs. 

Regardless of the form of advertising, there will always be some bias in the advice you receive.

For example, a radio representative will not tell you to advertise on television, unless of course, their company represents both. A newspaper or magazine salesperson will not advise you to promote your business on radio and so forth. 

Online and SEO companies are no different. They will direct you away from offline, traditional forms of advertising. 


Some larger companies now deal with both offline and online advertising; however, they will still steer you towards their product. 

Your other alternative is to deal with a media agency, which can expose you to all forms of advertising and marketing, and many different companies and options, however, if they're paid a direct commission on the advertising they recommend, there can still be some bias in their advice. 

Is this wrong?

No, it's not wrong. Advertising has been done this way for generations, and for many businesses, it has worked very well and been very profitable, but times have changed, and your advertising options have vastly increased; therefore I think it can be improved. 

Third Party Advice

I'm not saying you should not talk to offline and online salespeople or marketing agencies. What I am saying is you need to have a clear picture of marketing strategy and which marketing tactics will best serve your business before you meet with them, and the only way to do this correctly is to seek independent third-party advice. 

Ideal Clients

Before you spend a cent on advertising, you need to know who your ideal client is, and merely saying your perfect client is male or female, or 20 to 50-year-olds, is no longer good enough. Identifying your ideal client is where your marketing strategy begins, and this is an in-depth conversation you must have.

Once your ideal client is identified, only then can you form your marketing strategy and choose which forms of advertising will work best (tactics). 

Riches In Niches

Do you have a niche or sub-niche? There are riches in niches and finding your niche, something that sets you apart from your competitors will put money in your pocket. 

If you think your competitors have the market cornered, look for another corner to play in. Find a sub-niche, or create a new niche. 

Well established businesses want you to think there's no more room in the market, but tell that to Wilmot Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix. I'm sure Blockbuster wished he never came to play. 

Now What

If you've already signed up for a medium to long-term advertising product, whether it's offline or online, don't despair, you can still seek independent third-party advice and tweak what you're currently doing and produce better returns. 

Search Google or Linkedin, and you'll find a lot of people and companies that can help you define your ideal client, develop a niche or sub-niche, and create a marketing strategy and appropriate tactics for your business. 

Contact Me

If you have any questions about this blog you can email me directly at email/tf)(, and yes, I have been helping my coaching clients develop independent marketing strategies for a few years, and they have all made far more money once they've gone through this process. 

I have a lot of friends that own and operate media companies and independent magazines, and they are all honest people that I would definitely recommend without hesitation, so this blog is not about bashing salespeople, media agencies or media companies, it's about marketing education, and implementing marketing strategy and tactics that will produce profits. 


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