Using Photo Contests To Increase Your Social Media Presence

One of the easiest ways to engage with your clients on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, is to run a photo contest.

Most people have their smartphone with them at all times, so taking a photo and posting it on social media takes very little time and effort. If you only receive a small number of entries, don't be concerned. Engaging with eight or ten clients is still better than not engaging with anyone, but remember, some people like to watch and not participate, so you're probably engaging with far more people than you think. 

Entering this type of contest is easy, so no one is going to expect a massive prize, but it still must be worthwhile.  

Theme It

The best photo contests usually have a theme, so give this some thought beforehand and plan ahead. The competition could be specific to your industry, a particular month, or a season.

One competition my podiatry business ran, which was very successful, was run over the Easter holidays and it was themed, 'where will your feet take you this Easter'. We received some very clever photos and I can still clearly remember the winning photo. It was a picture of a foot, and between the toes was a glass of red wine, and in the background, you could see a lush vineyard. 

I've seen some companies get onboard with Socktober. All you had to do was post a photo of the craziest pair of socks you owned or saw. There wasn't even a prize, but they had over fifty entries. 

Use Hashtags

Once you're clear on your theme you need to think about a #hashtag that will be most appropriate, and you need to tell people to use this hashtag with their photos because it makes it much easier to search and find each entry.

Therefore you to decide if you want to create a unique hashtag, specific to your competition #photocomp, or use a hashtag with your business name for increased exposure #abccompany.

There are many benefits to your business for using hashtags in your social media posts, but I'll have to leave that for another time blog. 


As the photo entries get posted on your selected social media page, you have the choice to re-post all of them on other social media platforms or only the really good ones. You can reuse these photos at a later date to promote your business, and also use them in your newsletters and on your website.  

When the winner is selected, announce it to the world. Make a big deal about it. If the contest is run locally and there is a prize to pick up, make sure you get a photo with the winner and post it on your social media pages. 

Two Final Tips

  1. Make sure you comment on every photo entry and say thank you.
  2. Get your team involved in the planning process, which will create more buy-in. An excited team will get right behind this idea and they will more than likely share some of the good photos on their own private social media pages, giving your business even more exposure. 

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