Looking for Mr. Right

In this video, I give an example of a young woman looking for Mr. Right. After she describes her perfect man in detail, she fails to consider whether Mr. Right is looking for someone exactly like her. 

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This same concept of finding the right match also applies to your business: finding the right patient, client, or customer and whether they are actually looking for you. If you're not a match right now, that's okay; you may be in the future, but only if you're prepared to make some changes.

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Full Transcript (unedited)

Looking for Mr. Right

[00:00:00] Hi, I'm Tyson Franklin, and welcome to this week's video. I'm titling this week's video, Looking for Mr. Right now, if you male put in brackets, Mrs. Right, the same thing applies.

[00:00:13] The story I'm going to tell is about woman who is looking for the perfect man. And now can't remember if I saw this on Dr. Phil or it might've been Zig Ziglar and you may have heard this story yourself, but I'm going to relate this Looking for Mr. Right to also looking for an ideal patient, client or customer.

[00:00:32] How the story goes is this woman has asked what type of man you're looking for.

[00:00:38] And she says, oh, I want someone who's tall, I want them to have, dark hair, I want them to have thick thick hair, the need a broad shoulders be relatively fit. They look after themselves, they exercise, they eat well. They have a high paying job they're respected in the community. They've got a lot of assets beyond the beautiful house.

[00:00:56] I drive a nice car. They go on overseas holidays and then want to look at [00:01:00] me and treat me like a princess.

[00:01:01] And that's all fair. And the person who was doing this said to him, okay. Now, why don't you just come over here and look in the mirror? You stand there and look at yourself and then ask yourself the question that person you just described, are they looking for you? And I think that's a, it's a really, really tough question to ask yourself.

[00:01:22] And I'm not saying this is like a woman looking for a man. You can reverse this around. So it could be a man looking for a woman. The only difference would be very few men are going to say, I'm looking for a wealthy woman who's going to sweep me off my feet. We just know that's not going to happen.

[00:01:35] Now, when you think about this, what he was saying is that person looking for you. Are they wanting someone that looks like you? They might be, you might be exactly what they're looking for.

[00:01:46] But in general, if you're not looking after yourself, if you've got no savings, you let yourself go a little bit, you're not exercising, you're eating the wrong foods.

[00:01:54] You're doing the opposite to what the person is that you're looking for, the chances are of you meeting them is very unlikely. [00:02:00]

[00:02:00] How does this relate to your business, to your Podiatry business? If you think about your ideal client, customer or patient really picture them, put an image in your head, what they look like, how they dress, what sort of work do they do? You go through all this, write it all down.

[00:02:18] Who is your ideal patient?

[00:02:20] And then ask yourself, would your ideal patient walk into your business into your Podiatry clinic. And I know there's some Podiatry clinics I look at and I just go, I wouldn't walk in there.

[00:02:34] There's worn out carpets, signage is terrible, it's in a dark alleyway, it looks dingy. The reception counter looks old. It just everything about it says cheap and everything about it says discount. So if you're looking for people with a discounted cheap mindset, Then you are going to be a perfect fit for them.

[00:02:53] Like this one could have actually said, I'm looking for some, it looks like Danny DeVito. It could have been perfect. [00:03:00] Now, if you're wanting a patient that is looking for a premium service or who wants, who's prepared to actually pay for a premium service and pay for advice, the chances are your business, your Podiatry clinic has got to look like something that they're going to go to.

[00:03:15] So the idea of this video is to get you to stop and think about who is the patient, who is the ideal client that you're after, and does your clinic match with them? And take an honest look in the mirror at your business.

[00:03:29] Have a look at it, stand across the road from where it is, or if you're in a, if you're in a mall or something, Stand there and look at it from the outside, go inside and look around.

[00:03:37] And then go and look at other podiatry clinics, and ask yourself,. How does your Podiatry business compare to other Podiatry businesses? And give yourself a rating.

[00:03:47] If there's ten podiatry clinics in your area of five podiatry clinics in your area, have a look at them and ask yourself, where would I rank myself on street appeal, on everything about my [00:04:00] business.

[00:04:01] And then think about the patients that you're chasing. If that ideal patient that you're chasing, which podiatry clinic would they be looking at?

[00:04:09] Would they be looking at yours or would they be looking at somebody else's.

[00:04:11] Now, if you're a Podiatry clinic at the moment, it's sort of um, a little bit down here and you want to bring it up here then just slowly make those changes. It doesn't mean you can't do it.

[00:04:20] It's like the example I was giving about this woman who's looking for Mr. Right. Mr. Perfect.

[00:04:26] If that's what she wants, then more than likely she could probably still get that, but she may need to change a few things in her life first, to become more appealing. Do exactly the same thing with your Podiatry business.

[00:04:38] If you do that, like I said, you're not going to transform everything overnight. Just like a person can't transform themselves overnight, but you can make small changes or longterm and by making those small changes, those changes will be noticed and you will start attracting the right ideal patient, the Mr. Perfect patient or Mrs. Perfect patient, whatever it is that you're actually chasing.

[00:04:58] I hope you get something from that. If [00:05:00] you're enjoying these videos, please tell you Podiatry friends. If you don't have any, then that's fine. But remember click the SUBSCRIBE button so you don't miss any videos when they come through and give us a thumbs up if you actually liked this video.

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