How to Write Blogs

 If you want to learn how to write blogs easily, watch this 3-minute video and follow this simple 5-step process. It's fool-proof. 

26th - 27th of July, 2024 - CAIRNS

  • Day 1: Come up with a few ideas (Headlines) 
  • Day 2: Come up with 4 - 6 subtopics (Dot Points)
  • Day 3: Write 50 words for each dot point
  • Day 4: Finish each paragraph & DO NOT EDIT
  • Day 5: Edit your article & you’re DONE

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Full Transcript (Unedited)

[00:00:00] Hi, I'm Tyson Franklin. And this video today is about how to write blogs. Or this is a method that was shown to me by Sean D'Souza at a conference many years ago. And he explained a simple process on how to write blogs. And one of my best explained in now was from a larger webinar that I did a few years ago, but you may, I think I might do it again. Uh, the next couple of weeks, because it was quite popular when I did it a few years back. And it was about how to write blogs of there burning yourself out.

[00:00:31] So what am I going to go over? It's just the, the simple structure on how to structure and write a blog quite easily.. And initially part of this was like managing your mental energy and there's three techniques to prevent burnout, which is good, but I'm going to move through to the first part.

[00:00:47] We just put space between your writing activities. What do you want to do if you want to write blogs and do it on a consistent basis? Ideally, what you want to do is. On day one, it's just come up with a [00:01:00] few ideas. You don't have to come up with 10 or 15 different ideas for your blogs.

[00:01:06] Then the next thing that you want to do. Day two is come up with some subtopics, some dot points for that headline. So you might have whatever the headline is. You know, why do I have heel pain when I walk on the beach? And then you might have five or six dot points that actually come underneath it, and then that's all you need to do. For their blog article, then put it to rest to get on with the rest of your day. The next part. Is it come back to it on day three and you write 50 words for each dot point. So you don't have to write war and peace.

[00:01:38] It's just right about 50 words, or it could be 20 to 30 ways to just write something about each of those dot points and that's all you really need to do on that day. Then on day four. Finish each paragraph, but this is the important part. Do not edit. All you're doing is writing and finishing it.

[00:01:55] You're not really rereading it and trying to edit it. That's where you burn up your mental [00:02:00] energy. So, what you want to do is just go through it, write it, finish it off. Then on the last day on day five. You edit your article and your done. So to review it day one, come up with a few headline ideas. Day to come up with four to six. Dot points for each headline.

[00:02:19] Then day three, you write 50 words or 20, 30, 40 words for each of those headings. Then. Finish writing each of those paragraphs, but don't edit that's the main part. Don't EDIT. And then. edit your article. And you are done. And that is how simple it is to start writing blogs. And a lot of people will find that, oh, I don't have to time to do, to write blogs. Doing this method is really simple.

[00:02:46] Just block it out over a five day period and this all, you really do hope you get something from that. And I'm going to have a few more of these type of videos. Uh, over the next few weeks as well of just showing you some of the things that I use that actually make [00:03:00] your life easier in business and to help you create content, which your patients and potential patients. We'll like, okay, bye.



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