The Perception of Podiatry

A common frustration podiatrists share with me when they join the Podiatry Business Owners Club on Facebook is the perception of podiatry in the community. They often feel it's the responsibility of the podiatry association to lift the perception. I DISAGREE. I THINK it's up to each and every individual podiatrist to get off their bum and do the work's not that hard.

26th - 27th of July, 2024 - CAIRNS

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Unedited Transcript

The Perception of Podiatry

[00:00:00] Hi, I'm Tyson Franklin. And welcome to this week's video today. I want to talk about patients' perception of Podiatry. When people join my group on Facebook, the Podiatry Business Owners Club. So if you're not in the Podiatry business owners club already, and you're watching this video come out of Facebook. Or you can do is answer three simple questions and you're in, if you don't need to the questions, I can't let you in. When I asked people to join the group, I asked them what's one of the biggest frustrations. And one of the most common problems is other than I find it hard to find podiatrist. A lot of them say they don't like the perception of Podiatry or my patients don't understand what I do. Or the community doesn't understand what Podiatry is. And there's been a few complaints where they've said, oh, what's the association doing to help our profession. I think it's really important to not rely on the association, not rely on other podiatrists to increase the perception of [00:01:00] Podiatry and the things that we do.

[00:01:01] I think it's up to every individual podiatrist in their area to promote Podiatry. So if you're in a medical center, for example, and you're only doing routine foot care, that's all you're doing. And it's all you ever been seen to be doing. Then that is going to be the patient's perception. But you may be doing that in a medical center or in a clinical environment, and that's fine, but if there's other parts of Podiatry that you want to sort of investigate or be known for, you've got to promote that in your practice.

[00:01:32] You've got to get out and about, and you're going to tell people that that's what you do. If you have a shockwave machine, you need to tell people that you actually have, that you need to have information on your website about that information. If you want to see more sports patients, you've got to be involved in running clubs, running organizations you're going to be seen at running events. You've got a volunteer. When I had my clinic in Cairns I never really had a problem with the perception of Podiatry in Cairns because [00:02:00] we were out and about, and we're involved in so many different groups in organizations and sports. And we did speaking events for rotary, independent retirees.

[00:02:09] And even when we were doing the independent retirees, When we did our talk, we went along, we did our presentation on sports orthotics and biomechanics. They told us after we did the talk the first time and they kept inviting us back year after year. They went wow, when we've had Podiatry. Talk previously. All they spoke about was corns calluses, bunions, fungal toenails and they only spoke about general Podiatry and that was their perception of Podiatry until I came in and did a talk on sports, orthotics, biomechanics, different aspects of Podiatry.

[00:02:43] I spoke about shockwave therapy and some of the other treatments that we could do, I did this year after year after year. So the perception of Podiatry in Cairns was actually quite high and we were very well-respected. But I totally understand [00:03:00] in some areas, if the patient's perception of what you do is quite low and they don't have a lot of respect for you, then it's up to you to go out there and gain and earn that respect.

[00:03:10] You cannot rely on the association to do it. Now, should the association be promoting Podiatry? Yes, they should. And I think they do, but there's a limitation to what they can do, especially in smaller country areas. I think it's up to you to get out there and actually put in the hard work. And when you put in the work, you will reap the rewards.

[00:03:30] Now it's not going to happen in the next week. It's not going to happen the next month, but it's year after year of constantly going out there. There is no purple pill, quick fix for this. You have to go out there and you have to put in the work. So sit back. Look at your particular area, your community and think what areas, what parts of the community can I get involved in? We were a sponsor for a group called the business liaison association.

[00:03:56] And that was a group that brought students in [00:04:00] industry together. And I was involved with them as a sponsor for probably 10 years when I had the practice. And after I sold my practice, I'm now on the board. Helping them out. What's really interesting is every August they have a career expo. They're 4,000 students come through that expo. When I was a sponsor. We had a, an area set up where we promote a Podiatry.

[00:04:23] Now that I'm no longer sponsored, I'm just on the board. I don't have a display. I don't have a stand there. But there's no representation of Podiatry at that student careers expo there's physiotherapy, there's optometry there's dentistry, there's medicine. You name it it's there, but there's no representation of Podiatry.

[00:04:38] So yes, that's something that the association could get involved in. Maybe talk to the universities and put something at that event. And if anyone from the associations watching this video, you know, somebody in the association get them to reach out to me, send me an email, email/tf)( and let's see if we can actually get something organized at one of these expos, one of these career expos, and I'm [00:05:00] sure in your area, this similar things. If you can get involved yourself in get involved, that is going to promote the profession. And it's also going to promote you in your area.

[00:05:11] So I think, like I said, sit back, think about all the things that are happening in your community, wether it's sports related community related and where can you get involved? Networking lunches. Some of my patients that I have for over 20 years from the time I opened my practice in 1992 up until 2015 when I sold it in Cairns, some of those patients in 2015 were people that I met way back when I first started my practice by going along to networking lunches. And every time I went there, I didn't go ramming business cars down the throat. I just introduce myself. Hi, I'm Tyson Franklin, I own Proarch Podiatry. They saw me there month after month conversation started, those people started to come and see me.

[00:05:51] And a lot of these people then referred other people. So long-term, this is how you build up the perception of Podiatry, how you build [00:06:00] up perception of your skill as a podiatrist is by being seen and being heard in the community on a regular basis. If you're sitting back in your practice, doing nothing, hoping that everybody's going to come to you and hoping that the association or somebody else's going to lift the perception of Podiatry, it could be a long wait.

[00:06:18] So get off your bum. Get out there. Promote what you do, promote all the aspects of Podiatry that you really love doing, and I'll tell you right now, those people will come into your clinic, perception of podiatry we'll we'll grow. And you will appreciate more of what you actually do as a podiatrist. I hope you get something from that. And any questions, please reach out to me,

[00:06:39] email/tf)(, go and check out my website,, click on events and have a look at when the next PODIATRY BUSINESS REBOOT is coming up in July and it's going to be held in CAIRNS, perfect time of the year to come and visit this area. Okay. That's it for me? Have you get something from that?

[00:06:57] Talk to you next week. Okay. Bye.

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