The Podiatry Evolution

Over time, every podiatry business needs to evolve into something special instead of just becoming a bigger version of what it once was. 

When you first open your business, you are prepared to see just about anyone because you have bills to pay, and you need to have a roof over your head, so you will visit nursing homes and hostels, do home visits and see every routine patient that walks through the door. 

But, as your business grows, you need to let go of some of this work and let the new podiatrists in town have it, freeing up your time to see better patients; it's a natural evolution of your podiatry business. 

A patient with a complex problem should be seeing the more experienced podiatrist in town, but they can't if you're booked out three or four weeks ahead, so instead, they will see the new podiatrist, the less experienced one.

Over time, while you're wearing your badge of honour of being busy and booked out, the new podiatrist will be treating higher-quality and higher-paying patients, and they will build their podiatry business faster than all the existing podiatrists in town.


Podiatry Business Coaching

If you'd like to talk to me about podiatry business coaching, the type of coaching that will dramatically change the way you perform in business, please email me at email/tf)(; otherwise, you can go directly to my online calendar to schedule a FREE 30-minute Zoom meeting. 

"I was a frustrated business owner for five years until I started working with Tyson. He helped me transform my business in a matter of months, resulting in an instant increase in revenue and the ability to attract and retain top quality podiatrists. Over the past three and a half years, working with Tyson has changed my life drastically. I was able to take time off to start a family, triple my business revenue, and finally achieve work-life balance. I highly recommend Tyson to anyone who is looking for a business coach."

 - Jessica Haydock (Sole Focus Podiatry, Toowoomba)

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