Communication, Persuasion & Influence

Dave Frees Master Class - CAIRNS

'Communication, Persuasion & Influence'

Friday 17th August - Holiday Inn Cairns Harbourside

I am proud to announce that David M Frees will be running a Communication, Persuasion and Influence Master Class in Cairns on Friday the 17th of August.

I first met Dave at a conference in Denver, Colorado in 2015 and he is one of the most inspirational and knowledgeable speakers I have ever come across. Since our first meeting in 2015, I have travelled to the United States every year, in October, to attend his 3-Day event, along with some of the most inspiring business people in America. 

To have Dave Frees in Cairns for a full-day master class is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If someone asked who would I would rather spend a weekend with, Dave Frees of Tony Robbins, I'd choose Dave Frees without question, that's how good he is.  

To see Dave Frees speak live is indeed a fantastic experience. I guarantee you'll be blown away with his wisdom and knowledge and his bio below only scratches the surface.

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David M. Frees BIO

Dave's life, academic work, and careers have taken him across the globe and exposed him to leaders, master communicators, persuaders, influencers and negotiators in over 100 nations and across many different cultures.

He now uses his experience to teach leadership, sales and marketing, persuasion, influence, interrogation, and negotiation to audiences ranging from computer hackers turned “good guys” to entrepreneurs, members of the military and civilians.

His audiences have included business leaders from companies such as Travelers, GE, AstraZeneca, Comcast and Aramark as well as students and faculty of colleges and universities including Harvard, Yale, The University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Washington College and ASU.

Dave has appeared on NPR, MindTV, PBS, Fox News and on over 120 radio and television programs. He has authored several books related to persuasion, influence and business, and co-authored Einstein's Business with M. Scott Peck, Steven Covey, and many other voices of the success and personal development movement.

Podcast Guest

If you want to get a sneak preview, Dave was a guest on It's No Secret With Dr T. podcast, Episode #2: Communication, Persuasion & Influence. It was this podcast conversation that sparked the beginning of this masterclass event in Cairns. 

After listening to this podcast, you'll understand Dave's depth of knowledge in the areas of communication, persuasion and influence. 

If you have any questions about this event, please email me directly at email/tf)( 

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