Infographic: 5 Things Every Employer Should Be Good At

As an Employer, there are many skills we have to develop. Some skills come naturally, while others can take years to develop and master. 

Below are five skills that I think every employer should be good at sooner rather than later because they are simple to develop and implement and will have an immediate positive effect on your business. 

1. Share Your Vision with Your Team

Most people want to be part of something bigger than themselves; therefore, your Team needs to know where your business is headed and how it will impact them and their community. Your Team needs to know your business vision for the future; they want to be able to see the big picture. 

If you can't see it, neither will your Team, which could be why some people leave.  

2. What Motivates Your Team?

If you don't know what motivates your Team, you will never be able to encourage them. It sounds pretty basic, but most truths are. 

Many employers think their Team is motivated by money, but you may be surprised to find out that's not the case. The easiest way to find out what motivates your Team is to ask them questions about money, lifestyle and their vision of the future. 

3. Time Management: Lead by Example

You cannot expect your Team to run on time with patients and complete tasks promptly if you are not doing it yourself. The best way to lead is to lead by example. Be a shining light of exactly how things can and should be done. 

In my podiatry business, I never left the consulting room or took in my next patient until my notes were complete from the previous patient. This was the example I set, and for the most part, my Team followed suit. 

I've had some employers tell me this is impossible to do. Well, it is if that's how you think. 

4. Be Available for your Team and be a Great Mentor

If you employ a podiatrist, make sure you block time out in your schedule to mentor them properly, regardless of their experience.

NEVER assume a podiatrist with five years of experience received good mentorship at their previous employment. There's a big chance it was overlooked. 

So, ensure this is an ongoing task blocked in your schedule and make your Team aware that you are always available. Make sure they have your mobile number; AND YES, they can call you after hours if urgent. 

5. You Must Take Massive Action

Of course, you can take holidays and enjoy the rewards of all your previous hard work, but your Team needs to see you building the business; they want to see you busy and passionate about the future because their future is in your hands. 

No one wants to work for someone who lacks passion. 

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