Greedy or Dumb Bosses?

Are podiatry employers greedy or just plain dumb? I asked myself this question after receiving a message from a podiatrist who explained to me their first two employment experiences and why they almost left podiatry.

Fortunately, they didn't leave the profession and decided to work for themselves. (See their message below). 

I received the message in response to episodes 209 and 210 - WHY I LEFT PODIATRY on the Podiatry Legends Podcast. 

Their Message to Me

I've been listening to your podcast on why podiatrists are leaving. It was really interesting to hear everyone's perspective on the field. I started listening as I have a few friends who have gone back to uni and want to leave the field; some already have. I also contemplated leaving podiatry.

 I did a 12-hour shift in a private clinic on my first day as a podiatrist. I was doing 12-13 hour days, pretty much running the clinic myself as I was paid the least in commission split with no super.

 I then went to apply for another job. They wanted me to mentor new grads, and I would earn a base wage, then bonuses were based on the amount of orthotics I sold. The base wage was less than what I was earning at Australia Post as a mail sorter which I did throughout uni.

I think a lot of employers have started to become greedy, and people have had enough. In saying that, there are some wonderful employers.

I now work for myself. I've got a clinic room set up at my house, and I do home visits. I see fewer people a day and earn more.

However, I have gone back to uni as I want to keep my doors open for other work down the track. Podiatry is very rewarding but can be emotionally draining and doesn't have much career progression I believe, unless you run a business.

Personally, I wouldn't go back to working in a clinic again. If this didn't work out, I would leave the profession, which I do feel sad about as there are a lot of positives.

If you're a recent or new graduate and have experienced this, please reach out to me at email/tf)( before you consider leaving the profession. I know a lot of excellent employers who are always looking for great TEAM Members. 

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