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Not too long ago I was reading an article written by Gary Vaynerchuk, titled HOW TO START. He was talking about creating content and why there's no excuse for not talking to the world, especially with how easy it is to connect with people. 

And best of all you don't need to invest vast amounts of money in creating content these days. Everyone has a Smartphone with the capability of capturing HD video, audio and simple inbuilt voice recognition software for quick note creation.  

WHAT'S Your What

Before you start creating content, are you clear about who you are?  

You need to tell people what you’re thinking and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas, and if you get a critic, remember there's never been a statue erected celebrating a critic.

You also need to document your passions. If you don't think you have a passion you're wrong, everyone is passionate about something. It may be coffee, food, cooking, baking, whisky, rum, wine, fast cars, football, fashion, or exercise and fitness.

Passion, Profession & Smurfism

Think about the Smurfs for a moment. Every Smurf was known for something specific. Papa Smurf, Vanity Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Painter Smurf, Farmer Smurf, Jokey Smurf all had particular skills, which became their roles in Smurf Village. I'm still not sure about Smurfette. 

All the Smurfs had self-awareness, which is the key. If you can combine your passion and profession, then it's a win-win content creation machine.

"It doesn't matter where you came from, what matters is who you choose to be". - Papa Smurf

You need to Smurf-It-Up

I have a friend in the United States that runs a successful mechanic business, and he's super passionate about his local NFL football team. During the season he combines these passions and shoots a weekly video reviewing his team's performance and other results directly from his mechanic shop. He then uploads them onto social media. It's brilliant. 

Another friend, secretly known as The Rum Wench, writes monthly rum reviews for my newsletter. Why not do something similar with your own passions. If you have an accounting business and you love wine, then why not introduce wine reviews into your accountancy newsletter. It will make that boring newsletter interesting. 

If you are a BBQ King, share this passion with the world. A Podiatrist I know quite well is the Lord Of The Grill, and I'm sure if he shared this skills and passion with his patients they would eat it up.  


How are you going to share your information?

Some people prefer shooting video and recording audio, while others prefer to write. Test all mediums and see what you enjoy most, but remember to always play to your strengths.

If you're a great writer, then make sure you write, but don't avoid video and audio completely just because it's uncomfortable. Everything is hard until it's easy. 

If you want to shoot videos, get in front of a camera and start recording your thoughts and learn to enjoy the process of sharing. Sharing your thoughts on video can be difficult, but if you're passionate about the subject, it won't take you long to become comfortable with the process. You'll start to have fun.   


When you know WHAT you want to say and HOW you're going to create it, you need to decide where you're going to put it.

Of course, you want to share what you've created on your website and social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but you should also consider guest blogging, which is precisely what The Rum Wench did with me. 

If you love audio, as I do, you may prefer to be a guest podcaster and share your knowledge with a whole new audience. 

Partner And Become More Smurfy

Think about businesses in your local area you could partner with and share content, that would add value to their business, as well as your own. Then start thinking globally.  

As an example, go online and look up #CoffeeBlogs #coffee etc. you’ll find hundreds of links to coffee blogs and website. If you have a passion for coffee and the cafe lifestyle, ask if you can write for them. You may need to ask 200 or more online businesses before you get a yes, but that's better than not asking and having zero.  

If you've looked around my website, you'll notice I love audio, have a passion for podcasting and have created two podcast shows. I contacted our local magazine TROPIC NOW and asked if I could start writing a podcast section, and they said YES. That's all there is to it. 

Create income from your content

If you love beer, start a beer blog and then contact every beer outlet and ask if they’d like to advertise on your beer blog. Paid advertising is not a new concept, magazines and newspapers have been doing this for decades.

They'll create a 'feature', 'supplement' or a 'lift out', such as a back to school promotion, then they'll sell advertising space to businesses that would benefit. You can do the same thing. 

It's All About Execution

It's not hard to share your thoughts; it just takes execution. Start small by writing a blog inside Facebook, or shoot a short 60-second video on Instagram. If a Smurf can have passion and be known for something, then there is nothing stopping you.   

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