The Importance of Being Genuine

I undertook a self-imposed 365-Hour Mental & Physical Challenge between 30/08/16 – 29/08/17, where I walked one-hour a day, every day, for 365 days and while I walked I listened to a podcast and shot a short 60 – 90 second video sharing at least one key takeaway point.

These videos were then posted on FACEBOOK and YouTube.

Over this period of time, I really started to enjoy listening to podcasts, and I began to feel a connection with some of the podcast hosts, especially after listening to multiple episodes of the same show.

Walking an hour a day was great for my health, and listening to podcasts was great for my mind, but it was the latter that got me revved up to start my own podcast, It’s No Secret with Dr T.

My newfound interest in podcasting

This led me to this year's We Are Podcast conference in Brisbane, and at this event, I got to meet some of my favourite podcast hosts.

Omar Zenhom and Nicole Balbinu (pictured), hosts of the #100MBA Show and Sean D’Souza host of The Three Month Vacation Podcast. 

In the world of podcasting, they are at the top of their game, and I’m pleased to say they were all really down to earth, completely genuine and easy to talk to. What I’d come to like about them as podcasters was exactly what I got when I spoke with them in person.

There was no arrogance

I was so pleased there was no arrogance, and they openly shared their time with all attendees.

Afterwards, I had time to reflect and compare the guest speakers at this event to guest speakers at other events, and unfortunately, not every speaker you meet is quite so genuine. In fact, some are the complete opposite of the image they’ve portrayed.

This got me thinking

If you’re in the public eye, no matter at what level, people are forming an opinion of your way before you ever meet.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re an Author, A Blogger, a Podcaster, a YouTuber, or the local Real Estate Salesperson; if you’re in the public eye, you need to be aware that everything you do, say, write, and post creates an image of you and your business, and with that image comes a certain level of expectation.

But do you live up to that expectation?  

When people meet you, are you less than impressive? Are you meeting their expectations, or are you far exceeding them? If you’re not thinking about this on a regular basis, you need to.

I’d like to think if someone read one of my books, listened to my podcast or saw me speak on stage, that I’d be the exact same person when we meet in person.

There’s got to be congruency

If you’re currently faking it or pretending to be someone you’re not, just to be successful, more popular, to get more readers, listeners, viewers, followers, likes, customers, clients and attendees, it will come to an end.

They say you should fake it until you make it, but being a genuine person is not something you can continue to fake.

I believe you need to be you, and if that doesn’t always gel with people, or fit your current circle of influence, then change the circle. Go and find where you fit.

Being genuine doesn’t mean perfection

If you like to dress, speak and act casually, that’s what you should do; however, if you prefer to dress well, maybe even wear a suit and tie, and act professionally at all times, that’s perfectly fine. Just be who you really are.

If you can be genuine at all times, it’s going to be far less work than trying to pretend to be someone else. Just like the speakers I met at We Are Podcast, not only did they meet my expectations, they far exceeded them, which in turn makes me want to talk, write and promote them further.

Are people you’re meeting, face-to-face, doing this for you? This is the importance of being genuine. 

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