Episode #10 - Get Found & Land More Clients with Jared Warner

Jared Warner from 123 Get Found helps people grow and scale their companies with effective online marketing. He basically helps companies get found on the busy, crowded web.

Get Found, Get Results & Get Smart - What does that all mean?

As Jared says there’s only three things that really matter in business:

1. Am I getting found online?

2. Am I getting results from getting found online?

3. Am I getting smart as I move forward with my online campaigns?

Step 3 is really about understanding the economics between steps 1 and 2 and this is something many companies overlook.

Are you getting value out of their online campaigns?

You have to know your cost per lead and lifetime value of those leads. Without knowing this information it’s not impossible, but it’s very difficult to scale your business accordingly.

Getting smart teaches you where you should stop putting your money, and where you should put your money. In the end you’ll get far better results with the exact same budget you previously had. You end up spending your money more effectively.

GETTING FOUND is about your sources of TRAFFIC.

The more traffic you can create the more often you will be found.

Being a guest on podcasts and webinars, attending live events, creating links and referrals, ADWORDS, SEO and even print advertising are ways of being found.

You need to be able to measure your results and this is difficult to do with print advertising, which is why Jared is not a huge fan and does not delve into this area for his clients.

The next step is to what extent have you been found? Did we get 10,000 or 100,000 visits to our website. How many phone calls did we get? How many downloads occurred, or how many opt in requests did we receive?  

You then need to work out how much did we spend to bring in 10,000 or 100,000 visits to our website? From this information you can work out the cost per per lead.

Jared has attended BNI and other networking events, and he points out that it doesn’t cost you a lot of money to attend, but it does cost you a lot of time, and time is money, but in the end it comes down to how many referrals did you get? What was your ROI, not just for your money, but also for your time?

How did Jared learn these techniques?

Jared learnt how to do this effectively by actually doing it in his own business. It’s not just theory.

Many business people make the mistake of thinking just because they have a business and a website, they’re in business, but this is wrong. This is simply step 1 of a 100 steps. 

Going Out Of Business Signs

Why do people spend money on billboards telling people they’re going out of business? It’s dumb decisions like this that put people out of business in the first place. What they spend on billboards could be used effectively using online marketing and they may have been able to save their business.

Ideas Lose Momentum

Jared acts quickly and never lets and idea sit in his head too long. Ideas lose momentum if you don’t take action on them immediately.

Enthusiasm for an idea can be lost if you don’t take the first few steps to make it a reality. 

If Jared has an idea, he immediately buys the domain name, because domain names are like real estate, once you have it it’s yours. He then builds a website around the idea, but if he doesn’t like the idea after a period of time, he moves on to his next idea.

Not every idea is worth pursuing past the initial first few steps, but you have to take those steps to work this out.

What’s more important, having a website that looks really good, or having an average website and being found?

Both are important. First, you’ve got to have a clean polished image, because this is a reflection of you, but you’ve got to build specific landing pages to a specific offer. Forget about trying to build SEO, that’s almost out of date.

For example if you’re advertising a specific service or product, you don’t send people to your homepage, that’s old thinking, it must go to a specific landing page that gives them the exact information they were looking for and the information you promoted.

It takes a lot of time to do it right, but it’s worth the effort.  

What do people WANT?

More importantly though, what do people really NEED.

People say they want to be found, but actually they need cash in their pockets, so just getting found is not the full story. It’s about making the phone ring, selling a product, etc.

Study Everyday

Online marketing changes that much you need to keep up and Jared has attended 12 events so far this year (2017). He usually attends digital marketing, personal development and business events.

But do you have the time to attend 12 events? If you don’t, this is why you outsource to someone that does, like http://www.123getfound.com/

For example he attends the Traffic & Conversion conference, but this is such a high level event, it’s not for the business owner who wants to learn a little bit more about FACEBOOK advertising.

This is why some business owners should stay in their business and do what they’re good at. Use your skills to make money and use a company like 123 Get Found to do all the other stuff for you.

When To Outsource

When Jared started his own business he was doing everything, nothing was outsourced. He did his own coding, made his own videos and images, designed his own website and did all his own graphics.

As a small business owner there are many hats you have to wear initially, from being your own graphic artist to being your own bookkeeper, but at some point you have to decide if you’re going to keep doing these non-money making activities that consume your time, or outsource to others with more skill.

Outsourcing means things are done faster with better results

However, you need to start bringing in revenue before you start outsourcing. You need customers, proof of concept and most importantly you need income. You need to get through the early stage growing pains. Your sales pitch needs to be in place, you need to know who your customers, before you contact someone like 123 Get Found.

There’s no point getting found until you’ve got something in place to offer or sell.

Getting Smart is about knowing how much revenue your generating from your leads.

Ad Scent is about keeping the ad on the same trail, just like a bloodhound. You can’t direct people to your homepage when they’ve clicked a link that said you’re offering a 2-For-1 Sale. You had better be telling them the message they were chasing; otherwise they will leave your website quickly and never return.

Just directing people to your homepage is not good enough anymore.

Keep Videos Short

A human’s attention span is less than that of a goldfish – therefore you need to have shorter videos. No one is going to give you 4-minutes, therefore 15 – 45 second videos are excellent and have been proven to work best.

One thing all small business owner should do tomorrow?

Start shooting short videos and use ad re-targeting programs. Here is a link to Jared’s FREE Landing page where they can opt for more details:  – the URL is: http://www.123getfound.com/rt

Connect with Jared Warner socially

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JaredPPC

You can send him a message and say you heard Jared on this show.

Website: http://www.123getfound.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/l123getfound/

I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’m sure you’ll agree that online marketing can be a mysterious place, but that’s why most businesses need someone like Jared Warner.

If you have any question please feel free to email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com

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