Tyson E. Franklin



It's No Secret...There's Money In Podiatry


In fact there is a lot of money in podiatry, and if anyone tells you otherwise they're lying. Every Podiatrist should be earning a healthy six-figure income, however this is not the case. 

Why do some Podiatrists have a thriving, highly profitable business while others don't?

Here's the simple truth: every successful Podiatrists thinks and behaves differently to every unsuccessful Podiatrist, and how you think and behave will have a massive influence on what you will or won't achieve in life, both personally and professionally. 

Does this mean that the amount of money you make equates to your level of success in Podiatry? No, it doesn't, but for some reason money does flow towards successful Podiatrists, and this book is all about learning what those successful Podiatrists do. 

"If I wanted to be a successful podiatrist the first thing I would do is read Tyson's book. In his own unique style, he shares exactly what he has done to be at the top of his game as one of the most successful podiatrists in the country. This is a book I strongly recommend." Andrew Griffiths (Australia's #1 Small Business Author)

Being an exceptional Podiatrist does not give you a right of passage to business success. Success is an additional skill that must be acquired. 

"When technology meets health, nobody integrates them into business better than Tyson Franklin." Scott Sorensen (Director Bodytech Systems & Footpoint Australia)

This will be the best $29.95 you spend all year

You don't get much for $29.95 these days, but you will get massive value from this book. From his many years experience running a highly profitable podiatry business, Tyson will share with you:

  • Where to locate your business to maximise traffic
  • How to set your business apart from your competitors
  • How to attract the right patients to help you enjoy your job more and increase your profits
  • How to identify bad patients, and how to remove them from your life
  • Tips and techniques to streamline your operations
  • How to become a vital member of the podiatry profession
  • How to develop systems that actually work
  • How to find and keep the right staff
  • Learn how to work with Sales Reps
  • The Six Marketing Pillars that will get your message to the right people
"Tyson is a dynamo! He has an amazing energy, an all-action attitude and tries just about everything in business least once. Every business can learn from his success, not just health professionals." Nicky Jurd (Author of 'Refresh', and owner Precedence.com.au)  

It all starts with Belief 

It's No Secret, There's Money In Podiatry, however it will not happen overnight, it's something you have to work at for a number of years, and it all starts with believing it's possible. By the time you put this book down you will be bouncing off the walls not just thinking it's a possibility but knowing how to make it a reality. Everything starts with enthusiasm, and after you read this book, it will be dripping from the pores of your skin. 

"I would not be in the financial position I am today if it wasn't for Tyson's experience, knowledge and encouragement. He helped guide me through the whole process when I opened my podiatry clinic in Townsville. Tyson is a great mentor and friend." Hayley Paterson (Foundation Podiatry, Townsville)

Tyson Franklin was born with entrepreneurial DNA. Since graduating from the Queensland University of Technology in 1988, he has worked diligently towards being a successful podiatry business owner and a mentor to others. His long-term goal is to help younger Podiatrists avoid the same mistakes he made when first starting out in business, and to guide them to sustainable long-term success.

"Tyson Franklin is an innovative business owner and you can guarantee this book will provide fantastic business advice for anyone in the Health Industry, not just podiatry." Tom Maher (Owner, Cairns Total Physiotherapy)

Here's My Personal Warning

If you purchase this book, it will change the way you view podiatry forever, and will be the start of something truly amazing. Here's Why. Once your mind is opened to the possibilities of what 'can be', you can't go back to your old way of thinking. It's like trying to unlearn how to ride a bike, you can't. This book is no different. Once you read and learn how your podiatry business should run, it's going to haunt you if you don't follow through and make it a reality.  


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