Podiatry Marketing Workshop - Success Leaves Clues

Saturday, 15 Feb 2020
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Gold Coast, Mantra Legends, 25 Laycock Street, Surfers Paradise

(This event includes an awesome morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)

If you own a podiatry business and you want it to be successful you must start learning more about marketing.

To say, 'I don't like marketing' or 'I don't need to market my podiatry business' is no longer good enough and you need to start changing your mindset, or you will get overrun by your competitors. 

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got".

Marketing, when you truly understand how it works, is exciting and fun.

Everything is Practical 

After this one-day workshop, you will walk away with several simple marketing ideas that you can implement immediately in your podiatry business. Everything you learn is practical and can be applied first thing Monday morning. 

Workshops full of untested theories presented by someone that has not done it themselves annoy me. This is why I only share proven strategies and tactics I have used in my podiatry businesses, tested and tweaked over three decades. Yes, I've been around for a while. 


Marketing Is The Major Piece

If you want to have a Thriving Podiatry Business, you need to understand where marketing fits in the puzzle. You may have a great team, supported by well thought out systems and a business plan that makes total sense, but it's your marketing that makes the success puzzle complete. 

Success Leaves Clues

Have you noticed your competition starting to copy you? This happens because 'Success Leaves Clues', which is why you need to be continually tweaking, reinventing, fine-tuning and niching your marketing message. 

Throughout the workshop, I bring up The Red Queen Hypothesis multiple times.  

Becoming A Happy Health Professional 

The Frustrated Clinician

Being a great clinician used to be all that was needed to have a successful business, but not anymore. Today, to have a Thriving Podiatry Business, you must have a robust marketing plan in place. Without it, you will become a 'frustrated clinician' wondering why your competitors are winning all the battles. 

You did not become a Podiatrist overnight, it took many years to become qualified and competent, so expect your marketing skills to take time as well. Still, the purpose of attending workshops is to speed up this learning process. 

Happy Health Professional & Beyond

This Podiatry Marketing Workshop was developed to fast-track the marketing skills you need so you can move from a Frustrated Clinician to a Happy Health Professional.

Once you're happy, only then can you move to the final stage of developing a Thriving Podiatry Business. 

Stop Wasting Mental Energy

When you're chasing your competitors, it wastes a lot of mental energy, and this steals away your ability to think clearly. Become the market leader and let your competitors chase you. 

No One Remembers Who Came Second

If all you're doing is copying your competitors you have already failed. No one remembers who came second, so it's important to lead or at least give the perception that you are the market leader. 

This Podiatry Marketing Workshop will help you develop a marketing plan that is unique to you.

Develop Your Brand Voice

We all know that most podiatrists make orthotics and treat heel pain. But, no other podiatry business has your voice, and this is why it's essential to develop your unique brand and brand personality and make it an integral part of all that you do. 

The NEW 6 Pillars of Marketing 

I first wrote about the 6 Pillars of Marketing in 2014 in my first book It's No Secret...There's Money In Podiatry, and I genuinely believe if you can grasp how to use all 6 Pillars correctly, your podiatry business will thrive. 

What Else Will Be Covered

  • Why Too Many Marketing Ideas Will Harm Your Business 
  • 5 Clues About Successful Podiatrists
  • 5 Common Marketing Myths
  • 100% Free & Low-Cost Marketing Ideas
  • Developing Your Unique Business Story
  • 5 Marketing Rules to Live By
  • The difference Between Strategy & Tactics
  • Identifying & Refining Your Ideal Patient
  • Creating Your USP: Unique Selling Proposition
  • The Power of Niching Down
  • Creating Cool Headlines That Work
  • Using Unique Photos To Grab Attention (FREE)
  • How to Write Blog Articles With Less Effort
  • The 6 Pillars of Marketing & How To Use Them Correctly
  • Using Audio to Grow Your Business & Brand
  • The Benefits of Guest Podcasting 
  • Building Your Brand & Brand Personality
  • Creating Audiograms & How To Use Them on Social Media 
  • Getting On Your Referrers Radar
  • The Benefits of Critical Thinking
  • & MORE 


If you have any questions about this Podiatry Marketing Workshop, please send me an email at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.com or call me directly on 0408 671 966 


If at the end of the Podiatry Marketing Workshop you feel this event did not meet your expectations, all you need to do is hand back the WORKBOOK, and you will receive a full 100% refund within 24-Hours. 


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12 Feb 2020

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