Biomechanics & Marketing: Profit From A Better Understanding

Friday, 7 Jun 2019 - Saturday, 8 Jun 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Mantra Legends Gold Coast

2 - DAY WORKSHOP 7th - 8th June 2019

Are you a podiatry clinician wanting to take your biomechanical knowledge to the next level? Do you want to be seen as a market leader in your community? If you answered yes to either of these two questions, this 2-Day Biomechanics & Marketing workshop is for you.

It will be jammed packed with useful biomechanical information you can apply immediately in your business, translating in better education, communication and treatment outcomes for your patients. 

No matter how vast your biomechanical knowledge though, it's equally important to know how to market this expertise to the general public, otherwise potential patients will be seeing your competitors, and this is why we're bringing Biomechanics and Marketing together in one 2-Day Workshop. 

9 Reasons Why Should You Attend This Workshop?

  1. You will spend two days with like-minded podiatrists that have a real passion for biomechanics.
  2. You will leave with practical biomechanical knowledge you can apply immediately in your business.
  3. You'll learn how to have more predictable, consistent treatment outcomes.  
  4. Your Podiatry Team will be more inspired and productive. 
  5. Business growth and new technology boosts team morale and build credibility for your business. 
  6. You will leave with a marketing strategy for increasing your biomechanical patient numbers and referrals.
  7. You will learn how to attract more A & B patients and less C & D patients. 
  8. You will understand why creating a point of difference is paramount to your business success.
  9. You will enjoy what you do more each day (& make more money) by developing better educational tools. 

The Workshop Team

Paul Graham from Total Care Podiatry has been a podiatrist in private practice since 1987 with a special interest in musculoskeletal conditions. He is a fellow of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and has recently become the first podiatrist admitted as a member of the Pain Society of Australia.

His practice has always been on comprehensive, evidence-based examination and diagnosis of the underlying causes of presenting symptoms, to achieve the best possible outcome for each patient. 

Scott Sorensen is the owner of Footpoint Podiatry and BodyTech Foot Pressure & Milling Systems and came from a background in composite production engineering in aviation to graduate in Podiatry in 1989. 

Having practised Podiatry for over 25 years, he has a diverse background, being involved in founding a number of business entities from production facilities and IT businesses focused on health. Scott has qualifications in engineering, podiatry, and strength and conditioning training. 

Tyson E Franklin is a 1988 QUT graduate with a passion for small business and marketing, especially in the podiatry industry.

Over the past 30-years, he has opened, sold, taken over and relocated more than 20 podiatry and biomechanics based businesses.

He is a past winner of the Telstra Small Business Awards, is the author of It's No Secret There's Money in Podiatry and host of the Podiatry Legends Podcast

Together Paul, Scott and Tyson will be bringing you two days of practical biomechanical training as well as the skills required to create a more systematised, productive and happier workplace for you and your team. 


What To Expect Over The 2-Days 

MODULE 1 – Foundations 

  1. Body Structure, Asymmetry and Function
  2. How the body Compensates
  3. Mechanisms of Micro-trauma and Injury
  4. Force, function and the benefit of plantar pressure mapping

MODULE 2 -Diagnostic & Analysis Features

  1. Using Freestep software to get the best information to make your decisions
  2. Focus on :
    1. The gait cycle
    2. Freestep graphs and video acquisition
    3. Diagnostic & Analysis features

MODULE 3 – Pressure mapping & common conditions

  1. Medial and lateral forefoot pain
  2. Midfoot and heel pain
  3. Medial and lateral ankle pain

 MODULE 4 – Using pressure to predict outcomes

Analyse the effect of the treatment strategy using plantar pressure mapping, such as:

a)     Address arch collapse

b)     Change CoP trajectory

c)     Correcting 1st MTP Joint Function

d)     Alter FvT graphs

e)     Address Overloading

MODULE 5 – Marketing plantar pressure

Commercial application of plantar pressure assessment. Market the unique selling proposition of plantar pressure assessment

a)     Justify treatment program costs to both patient and referring health practitioners

b)     Show the success of your treatment using the comparison feature of the software

Bodytech /  Sensor Medica Displays

  • Practical Set Ups of Foot Pressure Systems
  • Variations in products and prices, and what product is right for you and your business. 

Business and Marketing

Being a highly knowledgable podiatry clinician is no longer good enough to guarantee your long-term business success. Today, it's a combination of podiatry knowledge, marketing and systems development.  

Business Success Model

To have a Thriving Podiatry Business there are four areas within your business that need to be addressed. 

  1. Marketing & Systems: Every business needs a marketing plan that works, and for it to work properly it must first be targeted towards the right patients for your business. When this is achieved, you then need systems to monitor and maintain the success of that marketing plan. This is Strategic Thinking. 
  2. Diary Management: If you do not control your diary, your diary will control you. It must be structured correctly for maximum efficiency, otherwise, all your time, effort and money spent on marketing could be wasted. 
  3. Team Management: It's important to have your whole team moving in the same direction as the business owner, and you want your team to be part of the business journey. 
  4. Develop a Roadmap: This is the final piece of the puzzle. When all the other pieces are in place it's quite easy to design a roadmap to take you from point A, where you are now, to point B, where you want to go. This is Tactical Thinking. 


Earn More, Work Less And Enjoy What You Do More Each Day

You can invest as much money as you'd like into technology, but to get the most out of the investment you need to know how to market it to your potential patients and referrers. Clinicians also need to understand how to communicate this new technology to their existing patient database because you're already sitting on a potential goldmine. 

If you can get the balance right between Biomechanics & Marketing, you will earn more, work less and enjoy what you do more each day. 

Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea will be provided on both days.   

  • Practitioner - $460 
  • Student - $260
  • Registration Closes 4th June

Post - Workshop Email Support

There will be plenty of time over the two days for Q & A's but we know from experience that you will have questions afterwards.

In fact, some of your best 'aha moments' will come to you in the two or three days following the workshop, which is why each attendee will be given our contact details, so you can contact us directly with any post-workshop questions.   

"Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition". - Steve Jobs

This is the only workshop you'll find in Australia that combines both Biomechanics and Marketing. 


Registrations close
6 Jun 2019

Registrations Closed

Sorry, registrations for this event closed on 6 Jun 2019.