LIVE 2-Day Podiatry Business Reboot

Friday, 17 Nov 2023 - Saturday, 18 Nov 2023
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Mantra South Bank Brisbane

Do you want to:

  • Attract more new patients and keep existing patients coming back?
  • Make more money, have more time off with your family, or pursue life's adventures? 
  • Become a more attractive employer?
  • Become a less frustrated business owner? 
  • Know how to develop systems and measure the right KPIs?

If you answered yes to these questions, this two-day workshop is for you. 

Over the past three years, I have delivered the Podiatry Business Reboot program eight times to over 80 podiatrists, all online.

But in November 2023, I will be delivering my reboot program LIVE for the first time, which excites the hell out of me because the energy from a live event cannot be matched online. 

Plus, I've been working on new concepts that I cannot wait to share. 

What's Included

Yes, there will be a lot of information, but do not be concerned about information overload; I've got you covered.

  1. You will receive an extensive workbook, including copies of templates, frameworks, and diagrams.  
  2. Post Workshop: You can attend four scheduled Q&A sessions delivered online (one per week). 
  3. You can email me with questions as often as you'd like between the four-week Q&A sessions. 
  4. You will get three months of access to recordings of each of the twelve reboot sessions; you can watch and rewatch them as often as you'd like after the workshop. 

There Are Cheaper Programs

There are cheaper business programs available, just like cheaper podiatrists in your area, so you need to ask yourself why they are so cheap.  

I'll give you two reasons I'm aware of:

  1. They keep the initial price low so they can upsell you to a more expensive service or program afterwards that will give you the actual content you need.  
  2. Their content is superficial because it's not podiatry-specific. Some business concepts work across various professions; however, I think podiatry is unique.  

The Podiatry Business Reboot is 100% Podiatry Specific. 

I want to build the podiatry profession, so I designed the Podiatry Business Reboot for podiatrists and no one else; you will never see a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Dietician in my program.

This program was a real breath of fresh air and helped me see the possibilities of where I can take my business. It also explained and outlined the practical steps I need to take, and was presented in a fun way. Having others in the group to bounce ideas off definitely added value and I love that it was Podiatry specific. - Andrew Jones, Waikato Podiatry Clinic, New Zealand.  

Payment Options 

The Early Bird Investment is $1799; however, if you'd like to pay in instalments, you can make three payments of $699.00. You only need to email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.comand I will provide you with a monthly invoice. 

Suitable For Podiatrists Who Want to Succeed

It doesn't matter if 2023 was your first year in business or your twenty-first year; the Podiatry Business Reboot program has been strategically designed for podiatrists who want to succeed and don't feel like spending years trying to reinvent the wheel...and seriously, why would you want to do that. 

To date, 79 out of 80 Podiatrists who have completed the Podiatry Business Reboot have said it far exceeded their expectations. 

What's Covered Over The 2 Days?


I am currently working on new content around AI, the importance of becoming an early adopter of this technology, and how it will amplify various aspects of your podiatry business. 

Session 1:

  • What it takes to develop a Thriving Podiatry Business Model (Updated). 
  • The puzzle that makes Systems, Marketing, Scheduling and Team Management work effectively.
  • Becoming An Employer of Choice. 
  • Creating Team Culture & Business Values.

Session 2:

  • Systems and Frameworks - How and when to use them.    
  • Developing the Patient Journey (Part A)
  • Why some patients don't return and significant errors to avoid. 
  • Using Social Proof to your advantage. 
  • Social Proof and Social Media are not the same. 

Session 3:

  • Developing the Patient Journey (Part B)
  • Developing your Patient Reactivation System (templates provided).
  • How to ethically get patients coming back more often. 

 Session 4:

  • Implementing a proven Orthotic RECALL system (templates are provided)
  • How to track your Recall system.
  • How to get past the Practice Managers at medical centres. 

Session 5:

  • Identifying Incomplete Treatment (templates are provided)
  • Why incomplete treatment occurs.
  • Developing your Treatment Journeys.
  • Identifying weak performers in your team.

Session 6:

  • Effective Team Communication. 
  • The decision-making process and avoiding biased thinking.
  • Understanding why patients are not all equal. 
  • Who is your Ideal Patient? 
  • The 4 M's of Marketing.  


Session 7:

  • Developing a Yearly Marketing Plan.
  • Pre-framing treatment plans.
  • How to ask for and get more Google Reviews.
  • Patient Communication

Session 8:

  • Developing Daily, Weekly and Monthly Marketing Plans.
  • Developing your marketing strategy.
  • Using the 6-Pillars of Marketing in your podiatry business.
  • Creating daily marketing habits.

Session 9:

  • Mapping patient touchpoints.
  • Getting your team involved.
  • Directing the patient's next step. 
  • Difference between A Podiatrist, THE Podiatrist and MY Podiatrist. 

Session 10:

  • Understanding, Protecting & Developing Your Brand 
  • Difference between your Business Brand and Personal Brand. 
  • Should employees develop their brand?
  • Product versus Brand.
  • Brand Consistency.
  • Top 6 Branding Mistakes 

Session 11:

  • Knowing Your Numbers.
  • Use your numbers to identify your A patients.
  • KPIs Versus Statistics.
  • What should you be measuring? (Templates are provided.)
  • Creating a Dashboard. 
  • Critical Drivers - What actions do you need to take each month?

Session 12: 

  • Personal and team conformity. 
  • Setting rules around your appointments. 
  • Creating a default diary & getting more done each day. 
  • How to identify slow periods way before they happen.  

As you can see, this is an extensive program. There's no fluff, BS or unnecessary time-wasting, and as I said, what you learn can be implemented first thing Monday morning. 

“Tyson walks you through step by step the fundamentals of business structure.  He makes it easy, he makes it fun, and you leave laughing with the others in your group and wanting more!” - Carly O’Donoghue, Stepping Out Podiatry, Australia.  

Personal Guarantee 

I GUARANTEE that if, after the first day, you do not think my Podiatry Business Reboot has delivered, I'll give you back twice what you paid. That's how confident I am. 

Remember, Payment Options Are Available 

The Early Bird Investment is $1799; however, if you'd like to pay in instalments, you can make three payments of $699.00.

All you need to do is email me at email/tf)(tysonfranklin.comand I will provide you with a monthly invoice.  

It's Now Up to You 

I know this 2-Day Intensive Podiatry Business Reboot will give you and your business the boost you've been looking for. 

All you have to do now is register.  


Podiatrist Investment (Early Bird until 30/9/23)
Second Team Member 50% Discount
Registrations close
10 Nov 2023
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